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How many people will be performing the work?
For most garage door repair services expect one technician. For floor projects it will be 2-3 techs.
Do you coat countertops or tables?
Not at this time.
What area do you service?
We currently offer our services to Central Florida from Orlando to Tampa. See our service area here.
What is the cost of your service?
Since customer's needs are different therefore pricing will vary. We typically price all jobs on-site.
Do you use harsh chemicals?
No. Most homes and businesses do not require the use of strong chemicals during our concrete preparation work.
How long does the epoxy or PolyMight coating last?
The longevity of your floor depends on the traffic and exposure of your floor. It also depends on the flooring option. Most floors last 10+ years, some will last well past 20 years.
Do you offer concrete repair work?
We do not offer extensive concrete repairs. We will fill joints as needed prior to coating applications.
How long do I have to stay off my new epoxy floor after your visit?
Floor coatings can be walked on 2 days our visit and driven on 3 days after.