Clean and Protect

Paver Sealing Process

Every job is different but our process is the same. We repair/strip, clean, sand and seal your pavers.  Please give us a call if you have a questions or head over to our Faqs page for some commonly asked questions.

Paver Curing
Sinking, broken or missing pavers may need to be repaired or replaced prior to sealing. We may also need to strip off old sealant during this stage as well.
House Wash
Pavers are cleaned using high pressure to remove
weeds, debris and old joint sand.
Paver Sealing Re-Sanding
Joints are re-sanded to ensure paver stabilization, inhibit
weeds and improve appearance.
Paver Sealing
Pavers are sealed using a water-based sealant and taped off to prevent foot and vehicle traffic.
Paver Curing
Allow 12-24 hours before walking on your pavers and 48-72 hours for vehicle traffic